Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If you need some inspiration check out Tyler Perry Studios

If you need some inspiration then check out Tyler Perry Studio's tour video. Here. It is a great video about a medium size Black Business.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Security in Tough Times

Fear is at an all time high, even though we have never been safer. The security industry is growing fast. We recommend getting into any aspect of the security industry such as CCTV, personal security, property security, automotive, transportation security and armed security.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Import / Export business: Alibaba.com

If you are interestedin starting and import or export business, look at
alibaba.com , here, which is a Chinese owned clearing house for globally exported products. Most productions are from China but many others are available.

I also encourage you to visit the Chinese language version for China-to-China sales. Here. You must use Google translate or another translation website. Also check out China.CN in English.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Video game police testing and training

This is a proposal to test and train police officers via video game like system that mimics real life.

In New Jersey, the US Justice department has sat aside promotion lists because the test is biased. The test favors reading and writing rather than real policing skills.

This proposal is for a company to create real, interactive, situational testing that is much more realistic and unbiased. The testing would lead to a more representative police force and better qualified candidates.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black Women oriented business in Entertainment

Many of us have noticed the rise in spending power of Black Women over the past 20 years. Not only have salaries and earning increased for Black Women, but they have higher consumption rates than many other groups. A double bonus for marketing and sales.

So any product that is geared toward Black women is likely to do well.

The obvious list includes shoes, clothes and makeup. But those categories are saturated. How many pairs of shoes can you wear at a time? There seems to be an opening for "social" or "experience" spend such as travel, dining out with friends, plays, movies, spas, or new experiences. In other words: Arts & Entertainment

A great example of this is the plays of Tyler Perry that provide a wholesome night out of entertainment. Or movies like the Best Man, Jumping the Broom or Love and Basketball which attract huge audiences.

Now I have seen a new trend where small, Black, women oriented play companies performing Black written and directed works with a Black cast in local venues or schools for a short time. I am not sure you can leverage or scale this type of business, but it is nice to see the activity.